Thursday, October 23, 2014

SEAL’s body-mind fitness program creates strong, healthy, advanced human beings

By Steve Hammons

(This article was featured 10/26/14 in “Knapp’s News” on the Coast to Coast AM radio show website. "Coast" has the largest late-night radio audience in the U.S. Award-winning investigative journalist George Knapp of KLAS-TV News in Las Vegas is a popular "C2C" host.)

The success of the New York Times best-selling book “8 Weeks to SEALFIT” may be a sign of something changing in our society, in our minds and consciousness, in our bodies, and possibly at deeper spiritual levels.

The full title is “8 Weeks to SEALFIT: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness” and was written by retired SEAL Commander Mark Divine. The book seems to be attracting a lot of interest.

It looks at robust and eclectic physical and mental training methods, and how they are being implemented in the innovative SEALFIT education and training programs based in the San Diego area. The concepts are applicable to average people as well as those who are more advanced in their physical fitness, Divine says.

The media seem to be paying attention. The book and the SEALFIT programs have been featured in many news and feature articles, TV shows and other media platforms.

Through the book, online instruction and support, YouTube videos as well as various on-site programs, the concepts of SEALFIT can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anyplace. 

It’s not just about physical fitness. There are many elements to the SEALFIT approach that include:
- Physical conditioning using common and unique methods
- Intelligent nutrition
- Cultivating mental toughness, what Divine calls “the unbeatable mind”
- “Kokoro” or “heart spirit”
- Ancient Yoga-related approaches to perception and awareness
- Martial arts concepts
- Modern insight about human consciousness

Divine says he also focuses on concepts fundamental to the SEALs: Discipline, drive, determination, self-mastery, honor, integrity, courage and leadership.


According to the SEALFIT website, “Our Mission at SEALFIT is to develop mental toughness and promote spiritual growth in our clients – changing their lives and the lives of those they touch in the process.”

The SEALFIT concept was originally proposed to prepare candidates for the tremendously challenging Navy Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) screening programs. When Divine realized that many civilians also wanted to experience this kind of training, he moved forward to create a program that can be geared toward people with beginning and intermediate physical fitness as well as those already in good shape or top-notch physical condition.

At the SEALFIT indoor-outdoor facility near the beach in Encinitas in north San Diego County, those who have signed-up for the in-person training academies stay at a converted vacation condo. There are also inns and restaurants nearby.
Both at the San Diego-area training facility and through online methods, SEALFIT coaches guide participants through the SEALFIT ideas and practices. There is a strong focus on robust physical conditioning that is linked to the person’s inner self and personal growth.

There is also a mindset that Divine puts forth that is reflected in the description of SEALFIT values:
- Loyalty – to our family and our team
- Service – to others before self
- Honor and integrity – in public as well as in private
- Leadership and followership – we must be good at both to be effective at anything
- Responsibility – we take it for both our actions and those of our teammates
- Discipline – the only easy day was yesterday
- Innovation – adapt, improvise and overcome

SEALFIT staff members are made up of active and retired SEALs and highly-trained civilians, according to

Certified SEALFIT mentors are individuals who have gone through a screening and training program to represent SEALFIT to the public. According to the SEALFIT website, “The SEALFIT Mentor team is our forward-deployed force responsible for activating and promoting SEALFIT in the field. Each Mentor is trained and certified by SEALFIT to offer and coach select SEALFIT integrated training events.” 

“In the process, thousands of graduates of SEALFIT events and others inspired by the ethos and training have adopted what we call the ‘SEALFIT lifestyle.’ These individuals carry the fire and knowledge into their families, teams and communities, making everyone better and stronger as a result,” according to


There appear to be certain ways that the SEALFIT ideas match a concept put forth in a 2001 graduate-level research paper by another SEAL officer. He was attending the Marine Corps War College and chose a very interesting subject for his research paper: the advanced and surprising discoveries from a previously top secret U.S. government project.

The SEAL officer’s paper was titled “Unconventional Human Intelligence Support: Transcendent and Asymmetric Warfare Implications of Remote Viewing.” He was referring to research projects and U.S. defense and intelligence operational activities that dealt with the capabilities of human consciousness.

These classified programs explored and utilized human intuition, instincts, gut feelings, hunches, the "sixth sense" and what many people previously called extrasensory perception (ESP). Scientists also termed these kinds of things “anomalous cognition,” meaning unusual types of learning, perception and awareness. The government research programs developed a protocol for using these abilities for intelligence-gathering purposes and called it "remote viewing."

Divine also integrates intuition and related mental approaches of ancient martial arts and Yoga in his SEALFIT ideas.

A 2009 U.S. Army study looked at why some troops seem to be better able to spot or sense improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in combat areas. The study found that two types of troops seemed to be better able to detect the presence of IEDs: Those people raised in rural areas where they hunted game and were attuned to Nature and the outdoors, and those raised in tough urban environments where they had to be aware of the dangers of violent attacks and crime.

The perceptual abilities of these kinds of people seemed to help cultivate improved “situation awareness” about dangers in the environment, according to news reports about the Army study.

The concept of remote viewing that was developed as part of the classified research program in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s (generally now known as Project STAR GATE) was based on findings strongly indicating that elements of intuition could be optimized and leveraged to access much greater amounts of reliable information and intelligence.

And, it was determined through extensive scientific testing and operational field activities that remote viewing, or using consciousness to gather information, was very valid in many defense, intelligence and everyday situations experienced by average people in all walks of life (including health, wellness and safety).

The meditation and breathing, martial arts, and mental-ability training that are part of the SEALFIT programs may overlap with that 2001 research paper by the other SEAL author as well as the discoveries and activities of Project STAR GATE.

Readers of “8 Weeks to SEALFIT” and those able to participate in the SEALFIT programs may also find some overlap: Being in the here-and-now, as Divine recommends, and using ancient and state-of-the-art mental and physical training methods may uncover new ways of thinking, feeling and perceiving.


For more information, visit and SEALFIT Media on YouTube.

For more information on transcendent warfare, remote viewing and Project STAR GATE, read the research paper by the retired SEAL officer.